Fort William Marathon 2018

For some reason I never got around to posting the work I did for the Fort William Marathon earlier this summer. Oops, but here it is! This year’s animal is the wildcat.

The diamond shaped medal fits in with the others to form the second point in the star. Some slight detail was lost from my artwork during the production process but the runners were still very happy with their medals. This year for the trophy we changed up the style and I made a simple pen drawing. I like how it turned out; definitely different from last year and I’m excited to plan what’s be next.

The whole thing was great fun to make, and as always I am grateful to the lovely people at the Fort William Marathon for inviting me to work with them and for their trust!




Donald Trump to visit Scotland

Donald Trump is set to visit the UK this week, this will include a two day stop in Scotland.

There are protests being organised in Glasgow on Friday evening, and Edinburgh on Saturday afternoon, and also of course at his golf courses. Frustratingly, I’ll be stuck at work, but I hope he sees that he and his racism, bigotry and misogyny are not welcomed here.


Pen drawing, digitally coloured.

trump as pinocchio