No turkey?

The festive season is definitely upon us now!

I don’t know if anyone else watches Peep Show but here is my drawing of Mark (David Mitchell), when Jez said he forgot the turkey on Christmas morning. One of the strangest drawings I think I’ve made lately, but fun!

Pen drawing, digitally coloured.


no turkey?

Sponsor a Scots Pine

The Nevis Partnership are running an excellent project which allows you to ‘sponsor a tree.’ Scots pine populations are declining and by sponsoring a tree you are helping important conservation efforts. Also, each time you do you will receive a little thank you card, which I worked with them to make.

Pen drawing, digitally printed.

Find out more about the project here:



Donald Trump to visit Scotland

Donald Trump is set to visit the UK this week, this will include a two day stop in Scotland.

There are protests being organised in Glasgow on Friday evening, and Edinburgh on Saturday afternoon, and also of course at his golf courses. Frustratingly, I’ll be stuck at work, but I hope he sees that he and his racism, bigotry and misogyny are not welcomed here.


Pen drawing, digitally coloured.

trump as pinocchio