Sponsor a Scots Pine

The Nevis Partnership are running an excellent project which allows you to ‘sponsor a tree.’ Scots pine populations are declining and by sponsoring a tree you are helping important conservation efforts. Also, each time you do you will receive a little thank you card, which I worked with them to make.

Pen drawing, digitally printed.

Find out more about the project here:




In 2015 the Tapirulan Illustrators Contest asked people to interpret and illustrate ‘SOS’, and below is the image I created, showing many species, some less familiar, that are in danger of disappearing if we do not make an effort to save them now.

Watercolour and coloured pencil, digitally assembled.




A small sketch of an otter, one of my favourite animals.

Otter populations are dramatically decreasing and most otter species are near threatened, vulnerable or endangered, according to International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Otter Specialist Group. Let us take care of those that remain.

Prints of this little guy will be available at this months Dundee Ministry of Crafts Fair.

Watercolour and coloured pencil.



Summer Mural

Over the course of a few weeks and in-between rain showers I created a mural depicting a summery sunrise, with hidden details and featuring a poem by Dallas Clayton. The local landscape, the Scottish highlands, provided plenty of inspiration. It is even more colourful in real life!

Painted using a mixture of acrylics on to concrete and wood.

The wall

the wall


wall and door


door (Credit to Dallas Clayton for the poem)