Professor McGonagall

I’ve grown up with Harry Potter, the books and the films, and this weekend I decided to draw a portrait of this badass witch!


Neville: Let me get this straight Professor, you’re actually giving us permission to do this?
McGonagall: That is correct, Longbottom.
Neville: To blow it up, boom?
McGonagall: BOOM!
Neville: Wicked!

Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall during the battle of Hogwarts in the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, 2011.

Hand drawn, with a little watercolour.




These are a series of illustrations I created in 2015, to accompany a short fairytale I had written about selkies. Selkies are a creature common in Scottish folklore, a kind of fairy that takes the form of a seal but likes to come ashore and shed her skin and dance, in the form of a beautiful woman.

Pencil drawings, scanned.


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Degree show!

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us at the degree show, we’ve worked so hard and it was great to see everybody enjoy an amazing opening night, with some fantastic work on show! Thank you also for the lovely comments and feedback I recieved!


Click on the link above to see more about our degree show, and learn about the class of 2017.

And a lovely review of the illustrators from Dura Dundee!


An Illustrated Guide to Llareggub

On May 14th the world again celebrated International Dylan Thomas Day!

Under Milk Wood is one of my most favourite stories in the world; beautifully written, it tells of the lives of many different characters living in a small Welsh village.

I have recently completed this Illustrated Guide to Llareggub, which, when folded, displays panels illustrating scenes from the play, and when opened reveals a map of the town. Through careful analysis of the text I was able to extract clues about where characters lived, and piece together an accurate map!

Hand drawn, digitally coloured.

Under Milk Wood

Under Milk Wood

Under Milk Wood

Under Milk Wood

Under Milk Wood

Questions My Father Won’t Answer

Inspired by recurring suspicions that my father is a spy.

This project began as a sketchbook diarising the many intriguing questions my father won’t answer. Seeing how comically outrageous people found the questions, encouraged me to expand and develop the sketches into a zine. All of the questions and scenarios described in the zine are real and true, but is my father really a spy? We may never really know.

Three colour risoprint.

Copies of this zine will be available to purchase at the DJCAD 2017 Degree Show, which runs from the 19th to the 28th of May. Come on down and have a look, we are proudly Scotland’s number #1 art school, and there is some fantastic work on show this year!


father 4


The Matchbox Theatre

I had the idea to deconstruct and object, and reconstruct it in a completely different way. I went on to create a series of miniature theatre shows inside matchboxes, made using the original materials provided by the matchbox. The three pictured below are ‘An Evening at the Ballet’, ‘An Evening at the Circus’, and ‘An Evening of Magic.’ By winding the matchbox, using the matches, the theatre presents it’s show.

Mixed materials, hand painted.

The Matchbox Theatre

The Matchbox TheatreAn Evening at the BalletAn Evening at the CircusAn Evening of Magic