No turkey?

The festive season is definitely upon us now!

I don’t know if anyone else watches Peep Show but here is my drawing of Mark (David Mitchell), when Jez said he forgot the turkey on Christmas morning. One of the strangest drawings I think I’ve made lately, but fun!

Pen drawing, digitally coloured.


no turkey?

Questions My Father Won’t Answer

Inspired by recurring suspicions that my father is a spy.

This project began as a sketchbook diarising the many intriguing questions my father won’t answer. Seeing how comically outrageous people found the questions, encouraged me to expand and develop the sketches into a zine. All of the questions and scenarios described in the zine are real and true, but is my father really a spy? We may never really know.

Three colour risoprint.

Copies of this zine will be available to purchase at the DJCAD 2017 Degree Show, which runs from the 19th to the 28th of May. Come on down and have a look, we are proudly Scotland’s number #1 art school, and there is some fantastic work on show this year!


father 4