The Matchbox Theatre

I had the idea to deconstruct and object, and reconstruct it in a completely different way. I went on to create a series of miniature theatre shows inside matchboxes, made using the original materials provided by the matchbox. The three pictured below are ‘An Evening at the Ballet’, ‘An Evening at the Circus’, and ‘An Evening of Magic.’ By winding the matchbox, using the matches, the theatre presents it’s show.

Mixed materials, hand painted.

The Matchbox Theatre

The Matchbox TheatreAn Evening at the BalletAn Evening at the CircusAn Evening of Magic



Embroidery is wonderful, and in my opinion, an under-appreciated craft. Here are some of the little pieces I’ve made and sold over the last few months.

Ink painted on fabric, hand embroidered. Some designs also include beadwork.


British Blue Tit


various badges