The Matchbox Theatre

I had the idea to deconstruct and object, and reconstruct it in a completely different way. I went on to create a series of miniature theatre shows inside matchboxes, made using the original materials provided by the matchbox. The three pictured below are ‘An Evening at the Ballet’, ‘An Evening at the Circus’, and ‘An Evening of Magic.’ By winding the matchbox, using the matches, the theatre presents it’s show.

Mixed materials, hand painted.

The Matchbox Theatre

The Matchbox TheatreAn Evening at the BalletAn Evening at the CircusAn Evening of Magic


Portraits from Memories

Earlier this year I challenged myself to draw, from memory, the faces of friends and loved ones that are no longer around. I aimed to capture those elusive memories, that always seemed to slip away before they came into focus. I brought the sketches together in a concertina book, titled ‘Portraits from Memories.’

Pencil drawings, digitally printed.

Portraits from Memories

Portraits from Memories

Portraits from Memories

Portraits from Memories

Sir David Attenborough

Famous naturalist and nature documentary hero Sir David Attenborough is the subject of my Christmas card. I’m sure everyone is as delighted by Planet Earth II as I am.

Collectively known as the Cardashians, my class will be selling Christmas cards in order to raise funds to go to London and participate in the D&AD New Blood event, that will help us make it out there in the big bad art world.

Painted in watercolours with details added in coloured pencil, then scanned and digitally printed.


Sir David Attenborough


Embroidery is wonderful, and in my opinion, an under-appreciated craft. Here are some of the little pieces I’ve made and sold over the last few months.

Ink painted on fabric, hand embroidered. Some designs also include beadwork.


British Blue Tit


various badges


A small sketch of an otter, one of my favourite animals.

Otter populations are dramatically decreasing and most otter species are near threatened, vulnerable or endangered, according to International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Otter Specialist Group. Let us take care of those that remain.

Prints of this little guy will be available at this months Dundee Ministry of Crafts Fair.

Watercolour and coloured pencil.



Summer Mural

Over the course of a few weeks and in-between rain showers I created a mural depicting a summery sunrise, with hidden details and featuring a poem by Dallas Clayton. The local landscape, the Scottish highlands, provided plenty of inspiration. It is even more colourful in real life!

Painted using a mixture of acrylics on to concrete and wood.

The wall

the wall


wall and door


door (Credit to Dallas Clayton for the poem)


War Horse

This year the 6th annual Book Illustration Competition, ran by House of Illustration and the Folio Society, asked people to illustrate Michael Morpurgo’s tale War Horse. Below are three illustrations and a cover spread.

Handmade papercut originals.