Mme. Katherine’s Nonsense Tarot Deck

Divination has been practiced in many forms across cultures, since ancient times. Tarot cards remain a popular choice for many, despite there being no evidence to support their reliability. This got me thinking, and I was inspired to create my own deck of fortune telling cards that are wholly unreliable, and silly. Having reflected on why we might turn to tarot cards, the big questions we ask them, and what we hope they will reveal to us, I decided I wanted to create a deck that would be… disappointing.

Mme. Katherine’s Nonsense Tarot Deck contains forty cards, which are divided into the four following suits – lost things, living things, hidden things, and small things. It comes complete with instructions on how to perform a reading, and a guide to interpreting each of the cards. The deck comes packaged in a silky pouch; providing spiritual protection.

A random example, to give you an idea of what things the deck contains: the card  ‘Finger’ (belonging to the suit of lost things) is associated with – a bad lunch, a visit to a zoo, waiting rooms, and despising one’s family.

Hand drawn in watercolour and pencil, then digitally printed.

Tarot Cards and Guide

Tarot Cards and Reverse

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards and Pouch

Tarot Cards

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